Chuck’s Annual Christmas Letter

Chuck Butler’s: A Pfennig For Your Thoughts 

December 25, 2017   

Good Day… And Merry Christmas, or a Happy holiday for those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas…  Here’s the annual Christmas letter, it’s not as long as usual, as I don’t have colleagues to acknowledge any longer…  So, enjoy, and may the light of faith and the warmth of heart be your gifts this year… 

T’was the morning of Christmas Eve
And as usual I had something up my sleeve
It would be another Christmas letter
Longtime readers know there’s nothing better!
The year has brought many changes for me
And for the first time in 44 years…
I no longer have a “job to go to each day.
But that’s OK, I found another way
To get the Pfennig to you, and say Hurray!
Two dear friends, Pam and Mary Anne are their names
Came to the rescue , and no longer are there games
Played with the Pfennig before it goes out
And for that I have to give a BIG SHOUT!
My health took a step backward this year
But with all the dear readers / friends prayers
I give a big Cheer!
My little buddy, Alex, who used to sit on my lap
And help me write, is now working toward a doctorate
All I can do is clap…
Oldest son Andrew has made a name for himself coaching his sports
Water polo and swimming, now that’s quite an art!
Darling daughter Dawn is just as darling as ever
I still recall her and I dancing at her wedding to
The way you look tonight!
I have 3 grandkids and I adore them all
But Delaney Grace has my heart, all wrapped up in ball.
Braden and Everett are 6 months apart, but are real fun
When they get together, they are terror under the sun!
So, I miss my colleagues and would call them out by name each year
But now I’ll just skip over that part, before it brings a tear.
Each year, in this letter, I hope and pray
For calmer heads to figure out this
Growing Debt, that some still say
Makes no difference, but I say no way!
Mr good friend, the Great Mogambo Guru says
We’re all freakin’ doomed, and I say we had better
Do something before the debt goes Boom, Boom!
But, it’s Christmas, and it’s time to be nice
So, with that I’ll say…
Merry Christmas to all and to all A Good Night!

Chuck Butler