Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2019

Good day…. And the Merriest Christmas ever to you!

Pfennig tradition says this is what’s in store, so here you go!

Twas the night before Christmas
And Chuck’s feeling low…
He’s stuck in St. louis,
With all the ice and snow!
To warmer climates he wishes he was…
And then looks at the calendar
To see when he leaves for the cause…


The stockings are hung by the Chimney with care
In hopes that St. Nick would soon be there….
In Chuck’s stocking he’s hoping for austerity
From Congressmen who have no propensity
To stop deficit spending, it’s really a shame
And one day, something will stop this game. ..

So, I sneak down the stairway to attempt to get a glimpse
Of the real St. Nicolaus, I’ve hears he’s as big as two blimps!
But that’s unkind, so I take it back…
And hope he doesn’t do the same with his great big sack!

Ahhh, the sack of toys for all good girls and boys…
That will fill them with happiness and joy!
For Chuck’s grandkids we will leave something cool
For his darling Delaney, who just simply loves school,
I stuff her stocking with song books and such
Because she’s become a great dancer and singer
It’s really become so much!

To Everett, you’re second in line, but number one
In the hearts of the fans!
A guitar is what I’ve hear you want
Maybe your uncle Alex will teach you to play
Or maybe even me, some fine day!

To Braden, you love your Nintendo Switch
I can’t wait for your little sister to snitch
On you for playing too much
I hear video gaming is a big business,
So maybe you’re onto such…

And that brings us to my newest granddaughter
Little Miss Evie!
You’re cute as a button, and your smile endearing,
Your General promises to sing to you without tearing…

To my former colleagues on the trading desk
I’ll send them one weak dollar trend
And maybe they’re business will be on the mend!

To my friends, who are too many to name…
But I’d like to single out a few, just the same:
Two Mike K’s… Yanks, and Rick, and my longtime
Spring training buddy, Duane…
I’ll stuff their stockings with cold ones all around
They’ll all be so happy, I didn’t let them down!

To the rest of my family… I give them love…
You are my support system, I couldn’t have
Made it these 12 years without you…
Please don’t ever change!

And finally, to you dear reader…
You’re really the best!
You read and come back, you passed the test!
I do not know how much longer I’ll continue to write
But for now, it just all feels right!

So, I sneak back up the stairs having not seen St. Nick
And jump back into bed, and then hear the jingling of…
His sleigh bells ringing! He’s here! I shout, and then cover my mouth!
He can’t know I’m awake…

Please Santa, austerity, that’s what we as a country need…
Not al the silly stuff that goes on each day
But if you can’t deliver what I ‘ve asked for
I’ll be just as happy with a Gold Bar!

Then I heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight
Merry Christmas to all…
And to all a Goodnight!

Chuck Butler Dec. 2019

PS… I’ve put an additional message on these each year, that’s the same one, and decided to switch it up this year… so… MERRY BE YOUR CHRISTMAS, PEACEFUL BE YOUR HOME, JOYFUL BE YOUR FAMILY, BLESSED BE EACH ONE…