Where Has The Pfennig Been?

November 7, 2017      

Good day…  I just wanted to drop you dear Pfennig Readers a line and let you know what’s going on, with the non-delivery of a Pfennig the last two days…  I woke up from my nap after my infusion on Thursday, took a step and nearly fell to the floor…  I didn’t thank goodness!  But the pain coming from my reconstructed hip was excruciating…  And soon I had to have Kathy go into the attic for my walker I used after the reconstructive surgery over 10 years ago.   I had to cancel my trip to S. Floriday and then had to live with excruciating pain all weekend.  Yesterday, I went to the hospital to find out what was wrong, and they put me through the wringer, and hurt me badly, but they had to find out CT’s, X-rays, dopplers, you name it they put me through it, and at the end of the day… The could confirm two things… 1. I had no blood clots, and 2. no sign of cancer, which is the thing I feared, since every time in the pat 10 years that I had tremendous pain like this it turned out to be the same damn cancer… But not this time!  So, what could it be?  I’m sitting here in pain, trying to move a little this way or that way to lesson the pain.   They sent me home with pain medicine that’s stronger than the Tylenol I was taking, but they don’t seem to be doing much for the pain.  I’m heading to the orthopedist that did the surgery 10 years ago on Thursday, maybe he has an answer…   Until I don’t have this pain that brings me to near tears at time, I won’t be writing a Pfennig…   I hope you understand that this is important to me… And in the past I’ve never shied away from bringing you up to date with my health, so here you go… other than the pain in my right leg, I’m fine!    

Thanks for reading the Pfennig, even when I drop the ball and don’t answer the bell…    

Chuck Butler